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Marijuana Amazing Facts and Benefits
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Amazing facts about Marijuana-

Marijuana or the weed is known largely for the high-feeling that is experienced when people consume it. There are some weird facts about Marijuana that are sure to make you exclaim OMG...

What are those? Let's have a closer look here.

Fact-1 -
Cannabis is the fastest growing industry. The medicinal marijuana or the recreational marijuana comes under this fast growing category; thanks to the recent research that his being made on the Marijuana and its medicinal properties.

Fact- 2 -
The exact number of cannabinoids present in the Cannabis is 111. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that are responsible for the effects that are observed when Marijuana is consumed.

Fact-3 -
Cannabinoids or THC to be more precise will stay in your body, for more than stay in your body, for approximately 27 days. And, it is going to be present in the hair follicles for more than 90 days. If you are the one who smokes rarely, THC will approximately take 10-15 days leave your body.

Fact -4-
Occasional Marijuana smoking is said to improve the IQ, in the users. The study that was conducted in 2014 proved that the students who smoked weed occasionally performed well in the tests.

Facts -5-
A marijuana buds contain 14-18% THC on an average. This was not the case with the Marijuana buds in the 60s and 70s; the THC concentration was extremely low then.

Fact -6-
Cannabis metabolites is sure a nightmare to those who have a drug test in few days. Here is a fact about that too.These metabolites will take more than 27 days to leave your body completely. But, if you are an occasional Marijuana user, this duration will be much, much lesser...

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